Forty-six And 2


Instrumento: Bajo
46 and 2 This song is tuned (D,A,D,G) Meaning, tune your E string down to D I got this tab somewhere but It sounds right and I also added to it. If you have any comments or corrections just mail me! * Also the (h) in the tab stands for hammering and the (p) stands for Pluck becuase this song includes slapping method.
G:|-----------------------------------------------------------| D:|-----------------------------------------------------------| A:|------5-----------3h5----------6p5---------3h5---------1h3-| D:|--0-----------0------------0-----------0----------0--------| G:|----------------------------------------------------| D:|----------------------------------------6h5---------| A:|-------5---------3h5----------6h5--------------6h5--| D:|---0--------0-----------0---------------------------| (This is the little riff that you hear later on) G:|-------------------------------------------------------| D:|-------------------------------------------------------| A:|---5--3--------6--5-----5---3-------6-5------1---3-----| D:|-------------------------------------------------------| ====
Composición: Adam Jones / Danny Carey / Justin Chancellor / Maynard James KeenanColaboración y revisión:

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