Tono: D
Song is in Am (i think) Bass line Intro/verse |--------------5--| |--7---7-----5----| |--------5-7------| |-----------------| guitar over intro (slowly releasing palm muting) |--------------------------------- |--------------------------------- |--------------------------------- |--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7/0------------ |--------------------------------- |--------------------------------- ||---------------------| ||----------/10/0------| ||---------------------| ||---------------------| ||---------------------| ||---------------------| ooooh i've been dirt and i don't care |------------------------------- |------------------------------- |----------------------5~~~7-5~~ |--------------------7---------- |------------------------------- |------------------------------- ||--------------------------------- ||--------------------------------- ||----------------------7b8-------- ||7~~~----------------------------- ||--------------------------------- ||--------------------------------- ---------| ---------| 5h7~~----| -----5h7-| ---------| ---------|
oooo i've been dirt and i don't care |--------------------------------- |-------------------7b8----------- |-------------------9b10---------- |----------------------------7/0-- |--------------------------------- |--------------------------------- ||------------------------------- ||------------------------------- ||--------------------7b8-------- ||------------------------------- ||------------------------------- ||------------------------------- ||--------| ||--------| ||5h7~~---| ||----5h7-| ||--------| ||--------| Bass for Chorus with Guitar Chords (barred chords) Am G |--------------5----------------- |---7--7-----5--------5--5-----3- |--------5-7---------------3-5--- |-------------------------------- F ||--------------1----------1-------------| ||6--3--3-----1----3-----1---------------| ||--------1-3--------1-3-----------------| ||---------------------------------------| (with variations) second verse more or less the same as the first, different fills, thats all. really its to mess around and improvise. the only thing to note is that awesome bend before iggy singing. thats an A on the B string, bent up to a B, then released. that bend gets me time. Solo the bass messes around that the notes of its verse riff. guitar solos around those in the fills in the verse. the sort of scale is something like: |---------------------8-10-12-| |----------------8-10---------| |----------5-7-9--------------| |------5-7--------------------| |--5-7------------------------| |-----------------------------| with loads of bends rest of the song is much the same, with simple variatons on previous riffs, and so on. chorus chords have a wah on them after the solo. dead easy song, but sounds really awesome. Ron Asheton won't play this song with the a very easy song to learn and has loads of room for progression in it, making it ace the chord changes in the chorus are slow ones, and you've got the bass backing up, so its good for people learning barre chords as well i guess.
Composición: Dave Alexander / Iggy Pop / Ron Asheton / Scott AshetonColaboración y revisión:

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