Divine Intervention

Taking Back Sunday

Tono: Ab
This is meant to be down tuned slightly but to save the effort I worked it out with tuning which sounds just as good. You can work out the strumming; I've just marked where the chord changes in relation to lyrics. Intro/verse: Despondent, distracted, you're vicious and romantic e |------------------------------ B |------------------------------ G |------------------------------ D |--6------------8-------------- A |--6------------8-------------- E |--4------------6-------------- e|-----------------------| B|-----------------------| G|-----------------------| D|5-------------6--------| A|6-------------6--------| E|3-------------4--------| Repeats for each line: These are a few of my favourite things. All of those flavours and this is what you choose: Past the blues, past the blues, And on to something new
Chorus: Something real… and make it timeless e |------------------------------- B |------------------------------- G |------------------------------- D |-------------11---------------- A |-------------11---------------- E |-------------9----------------- e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------| D|-8-----------| A|-8-----------| E|-6-----------| An act of god and nothing else will be accepted e |------------------------------- B |------------------------------- G |------------------------------- D |----------6---------------5---- A |----------6---------------6---- E |----------4---------------3---- e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------| D|----------3--| A|----------3--| E|----------1--| So if your calling me out… then count me out e |------------------------------- B |------------------------------- G |------------------------------- D |---------------------6665------ A |---------------------6666------ E |---------------------4443------ e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------| D|--------6----| A|--------6----| E|--------4----| (pause) This is really on a xylophone or something but I tabbed it anyway e |----------------------------- B |--------8-9-------8-9-11----- G |-------------5-8-----------6- D |----------------------------- A |----------------------------- E |----------------------------- e|------------| B|------------| G|(5)---------| D|------------| x2 A|------------| E|------------| 2nd verse Yeah, we're stubborn and melodramatic, A real class act. You see, I know a few of your favourite things. Five in the morning and all comes out pouring, Love out the same way in. Chorus x2 Then he starts humming... that's the same chords as verses I've never tabbed before so I might be doing this really wrong and I'd appreciate and ratings etc.
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