Gloomy Sunday

Sarah McLachlan

Tono: A
From: MoonC* here is the song... i think its one of the most beautiful songs sarah sings... ok... this is my FIRST time tabbing a song... so be gentle... it is not exactly to the beat of the song, but if you hear it, you'll catch on... Capo 2 (all chords relative to the capo) Am Am E|------------------------------- B|-------1-----1-------1-----1--- G|---2-------2-------2-----2---2- D|-----2---2-------2-----2------- A|-0----------------------------- E|---------------3--------------- E|--------------| B|------1-----1-| G|----2-----2---| D|--2-----2-----| A|--------------| E|2-------------| E|------------------------------- B|-------1---0-----------1-----1- G|-----2---2---2-------2-----2--- D|---2-----------2---2-----2----- A|-----------------0------------- E|-1----------------------------- E|----------------| B|------1-----1---| G|----2-----2---2-| D|--2-----2-------| A|----------------| E|3---------------|
E|------------------------------- B|-------3-----3---------1-----0- G|-----2-----2---2-----2-----2--- D|---2-----2---------2-----2----- A|------------------------------- E|-2---------------1------------- E|--| B|--| G|2-| D|--| (intro 2xs andverses) A|--| E|--| Bridge 1 and 2: E|-------1-----1---------1-----1- B|-----3-----3---3-----3-----3--- G|---2-----2---------2-----2----- D|-0---------------3------------- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- E|--------1-----1---| B|3-----3-----3---3-| G|----2-----2-------| D|--0---------------| A|------------------| E|------------------| these 2 parts (above and below) are for "little white flowers..." and for "soon there'll be candles..." below is the continuation for the part above.. not a new part... E|-------------0------------------ B|-------3-------3---------------- G|---0-4-----4-------------------- D|-2-------2---------------------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- and the part below is for "dreamin'..." Bridge 3 E|---------0-----0-------0------- B|-------1-----1-------1---1---1- G|-----2-----2-------2-------2--- D|---2--------------------------- A|-0---------------2------------- E|------------------------------- E|0---------0-----0-| B|----0-0-0-----0---| G|------------2-----| D|------------------| A|--4---------------| E|------------------| E|-------0-----| B|-----1---1---| G|---2-------2-| at the D|-------------| slight A|-2-----------| to hear E|-------------| its alm E| B| G|end D|vari A| so E|ost E| B| G|of this theres a D|ation...its real hard A| i didnt put it... E|the same though... after that part, go back to the main part (intro and the verses) the end is basically the same... but last few picks are done like this: E|-------------0---| B|-------0-0h1---1-| G|-----2-----------| thats D|---2-------------| PERFEC A|-0---------------| its cl E|-----------------| :) h E| B| G|basi D|T i A|ose E|ope E| B| G|cally it... its not D|know... but i think A|to the real thing... E|this helps... ****************************** This file courtesy of the ******************************
Composición: Rezsö Seress / Samuel LewisColaboración y revisión: André

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