Nina Simone

Tono: G
Tabbed by: Franco Email: * Tuning: EADGBe Ok so, I like metal and rock and everything but this song is classic and on the whole, and vocally this song is amazing. Anybody who likes music should like this song. For the whole thing is you have multi-effects just play around with delays and phasers stuff, a little bit of pitch shifting. Any way you play it it'll sound cool. Comment/Rate
whatever if you want. Have fun. Piano arranged for guitar Intro/Main Riff (Fade In) e|-------------------------------- B|-------------------------------- G|---------9-7-------------------- D|------9-----7------------------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- Guitar Break e|-------------------------------- B|-------------------------------- G|-------9b----------------------- D|---------9-(Repeat alot)-------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- e|---------------------------------- B|---------------------------------- G|-9-9-----------------7h9---------- D|-9-9-(Repeat until)--7h9---------- A|---------------------------------- E|---------------------------------- e|----------------10--14------10-- B|--------------12---------12----- G|-------------------------------- D|-------------------------------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- e|14--12--10------------------------ B|-----------10--------------------- G|---------------------------------- D|---------------------------------- A|---------------------------------- E|---------------------------------- Next just fool around with bends hammer-ons pull offs on the 7 and 9 e|-------------------------------- B|-------------------------------- G|-----7b9-----9p7----7h9--------- D|-------------------------------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
Composición: Erik Darling / Fred Hellerman / Lee Hays / Ronnie Gilbert / Jörgen ElofssonColaboración y revisión:

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