Torment Of Fate

Bittencourt Project

Live or die
You now have to decide
Choices are about to end
I hope you'd understand
That's the Torment Of Fate

In an age when no one cares
We don't live we just survive
Will a single soul outlast this cruel future we have?

Tomorrow could be too late!
When everyone is asleep I need you awake

We know the facts
The when and how!
Protect our children
Teach them how to do their part now!

Cease our own existence
Species calling out
Rotten ecosystems and our options running out

Tomorrow could be the end!
Your future depends on what you decide today

Our fate has to be changed

Live or die
You now have to decide
I hope it's not too late
When black clouds shade the day
That's the Torment Of Fate!

You've got to decide
Your choices are about to end
I hope you understand
That's the torment!
That's the Torment Of Fate!

Composição: Rafael BittencourtColaboração e revisão: Lucas CarvalhoBreyla Baricelli

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