Look to the Hills

Ruff Endz

im sitting here crying in the dark
im trying to mend the wounds of my broken heart
its hard to believe that your really gone
its hard to really accept it and move on
theres times i feel all hope is gone
im wanting embrace from your loving arms
but i must try and start all over again
and know that within myself i have strength


look to the hills, look to the mountains
from you in the storm, you can find strength
i know the hurt and pain that you cry
and no matter what goes on the sun will shine

theres a lot of things i wanted to tell you
a lot of more getting to know you
but through god i believe i can talk to you
and tell you that im always missing you
sometimes i get so lonely
and it seems like life ain't worth living for
when hurt and pain is all you feel inside
you go to look to the hills and say i will survive



when youre down and out and theres no way out and you think that
hope is gone
lift your head up high and be strong and...

chorus x3

Composición: Dante Chi Jordan / David Davinch ChanceColaboración y revisión: Elaine Pereira

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