No Hard Feelings

Wolf Alice

Tono: D
[Intro] D D No hard feelings, honey G7M There'll be no bad blood D Losing your love has been hard G7M enough A D Life can be short, but life can be G7M sweet D G7M No hard feelings, honey D The next time we meet D It's not hard to remember
G7M When it was tough to hear your name A D Crying in the bathtub G7M To "Love Is A Losing Game" A But there's only so much sulking D that G7M The heart can entertain D G7M No hard feelings, honey D Next time you come my way ( G7M D G7M D ) ( G7M D G7M D ) D The threads that kept us together G7M Were already wearing thin A Would we ever have tied the knot D well G7M How long is a piece of string? D And for everything that ends G7M Something else must begin D G7M No hard feelings, honey A D And we both will take the win
Composição: Ellie Rowsell / Joel Amey / Joff Oddie / Theo EllisColaboração e revisão: Marckos Alexandre

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