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E|E|------------------------------ E|---------------------------------- E|---------------|| FLUFFY - Wolf Alice E|E|------------------------------ E|---------------------------------- E|---------------|| Tabbed by: Starsexplode (@jonbillwarren) Tuning: Standard There are two guitar parts in this song: Ellie strums barre chords with a distorted sound (sometimes with palm muting) for everything except the verses which are clean. Joff has an overdriven sound for the lead riffs and adds ambiance in the verses with a modulated and delayed clean sound following the chords. Riff A E|------------------------------- B|-9--9--9--9--9--9--9--9--9--9-- E|------------------| B|9--9--9--9--9--9--| G|-12-13-12-13-12-13-12-13-12-13-12-13-12-13-12-13-| D|-------------------------------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- D|-----------------| A|-----------------| E|-----------------| Riff B E|-----------------------------| B|-------2---2---------2---2---| G|-----4-4b6-4b6-----4-4b6-4b6-| D|----6-------------6----------| A|-2/4-----------2/4-----------| E|-----------------------------| E|e|------------------------------ B|B|--------2---2----------2---2-- G|OR G|----1-4-4b6-4b6----1-4-4b6- D|D|------------------------------ A|A|-2/4------------2/4----------- E|E|------------------------------ -| -| 4b6-| (the latter fingering might be easier) -| -| -| Riff C F# e|-------------------------------- e|---------------------------------- e|---------| E B|(slowly release palm mute)-------------------------------------------------| G|-3-3-3-5-5-5-6-6-3-3-3-5-5-5-6- D|------------------------------- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- G|6------1-1b2r1------------------------------| D|--------2-----2-----------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------| Chords: E F# A A C# E|-0----2----5----0----9---------- B|-0----2----5----2----9---------- G|-1----3----6-or-2----10--------- D|-2----4----7----2----11--------- A|-2----4----7----0----11--------- E|-0----2----5----x----9---------- [Intro] C# A C# A (w/ Riff A x 4) C# A (w/ Riff B x 1 then Riff A x 1) F# E F# E (w/ Riff C x 2) [Verse 1] F# A You look smart but I don't care
E I'm not looking for no love affair F# I'd sell you my soul just to get me somewhere F# A What's there to do in this dead old town? E Oh I can't believe I live here now F# So I'm searchin' for cheap thrills the way I know how [Bridge and Chorus] F# (w/ Riff C x 1) Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah E Sixteen! So sweet! F# (w/ Riff C x 1) Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah E Sixteen! So sweet! [Break] F# C# A C# A (w/ Riff A x 5) [Verse 2] F# A Send me your laugh make it bright and early E What makes you smile just makes me feel funny F# So who's gonna love me and where's all the money? F# N.C A What's there to do? I got nothing in this dead old town E No I can't believe I live here now! F# So I'm searching for cheap thrills the way I know how Bridge and Chorus: F# (w/ Riff C x 1) Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah E Sixteen! So sweet! F# (w/ Riff C x 1) Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah E Sixteen! So sweet! [Outro] F# C# A C# A (w/ Riff A x 5) C# (w/ Riff B x 1) ************************************ | b Bend | / Slide up | r Release | x Dead note | h Hammer-on
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