In a little while


Tono: D
Intro: Riff Principal: E|-------------------------------- B|-------5--------------7--------- G|--------6--------------6-------- D|---5/7----7----7/8-------8--8/9- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- E|---------------------------------- B|------7---8-8-7-7------7--5------- G|-------7--7-7-7-7------7--6------- D|----------0-0-0-0------0---------- A|--------------------0-------0----- E|---------------------------------- A F# In a little while Bm G D Surely you'll be mine A In a little while... I'll be there A F# In a little while Bm G D This hurt will hurt no more A I'll be home, love A F# Bm When the night takes a deep G D breath A And the daylight has no air A F# Bm G If I crawl, if I come crawling home D A Will you be there? ( Bm G D A ) A F# In a little while Bm G D I won't be blown by every breeze A Friday night running
To Sunday on my knees A F# Bm That girl, that girl G She's mine D Well I've known her since, A Since she was A F# A little girl Bm G With Spanish eyes D When I saw her A In a pram they pushed her by A F# Uuuuh Uuh Bm G My, how you've grown D Well it's been A It's been a little while ( Bm G D A ) ( Bm G ) D A Slow down my bleating heart Bm G A Man dreams one day to fly A D A A man takes a rocket ship into D the skies Bm G He lives on star that's dying in the night A D And follows in the trail A D The scatter of light A F# Bm Turn it on G D Turn it on You turn me on A Mh Mhhhhhhmm Bm G D A Slow down my beating heart Bm G D A Slowly, slowly love Bm G Slow down my beating heart A D A D Slowly, slowly love Bm G Slow down my beating heart A D A dddddd.... [fading out] Slowly, slowly love
Composición: Adam Clayton / Bono / Larry Mullen, Jr. / The EdgeColaboración y revisión: Pedro Deliberadorkeoma agnesDaniela Batista

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