Shaman's Blues

The Doors

Tono: Bb
Gm (guitarra acompanha baixo) E|-------------------------| B|--------------------| G|---------------------| D|----5--3-------------------| A|------------5/4/3-----------| E|-3------------------1-2-3----| (riff principal - varia) Gm E|--3---2--3--2--3--------------- B|--------------------2--3------- G|--------------------------2--3- D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| E|3---2--3--2--3--| B|-------------------| G|-------------------| D| A| E| Gm E|--3---2--3--2--3-------------3-- B|--------------------2--3-------- G|-------------------------------- D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| E|-2--3--2--3--| B|-------------| G|-------------| D| A| E| Cm E|--8--7-8-7-8------------8--7-8-- B|--------------7--8-------------- G|-------------------7--8--------- D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| E|7--8-| B|-----| G|-----| D| A| E| F Anyway , alright. E|--3b4--1-3b4/1-----1--| B|----------------3--------------- G|-------------------------------- D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| And your mind... Gm E|-13---10---6---3---1------| B|-13---10---6---3---3------| G|--------------------------| D|--------------------------| A|--------------------------| E|--------------------------| Gm F E|-----------------|--------11---- B|-----------------|---13------13- G|--15/10---12/7---|-------------- D|-----------------| A|-----------------| E|-----------------| A# D E|-11-13b---------------------| B|--------15--14--15--14-15---| G|----------------------------| D| A| E| I cry, alone... E|--3---2--3--2--3---------------- B|------------------2--3---------- G|------------------------2--3---- D|------------------------------2- A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| E|----------------2--3--2--3-2-3-2- B|----------2--3------------------- G|----2--3------------------------- D|-3----------------| A| E| E|3-| B|--------------| G|--------------| D| A| E| F A# E|-------11-----11-13b14r-- B|--13------13------------- G|------------------------- D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| D E|--------------------------------------- B|13b15r13-11-----11-11---15--14-15---14- G|------------12------------------------- D| A| E| ------------14--17-22/-----| 15--15--15-----------------| ------------------| And there’ll never be... Gm E|-15--14--15--14--15----------- B|----------------------14--15-- G|------------------------------ D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| E|----------15--14--15--14--15-| B|------------------------------| G|14--15------------------------| D| A| E| (riff final) Gm E|-------------13-13h15---13h15-- B|-13--15------------------------ G|------------------------------- D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|----------------| B|13--15----------| G|----------------| D| A| Gm There will never be Another one like you There will never be Another one who can
Do the things you do, Oh Cm Will you give another chance? Will you try a little try? Gm Please stop and you'll remember We were together F Anyway Gm All right! Now, if you have a certain evening You could lend to me I'd give it all right back to you F Know how it has to be, with you I know your moods And your mind And your mind And your mind And your mind And your mind Will you stop and think and wonder? Just what you'll see Out on the train-yard Nursing penitentiary It's gone I cry out long Go head, brother Did you stop to consider How it will feel, Cold grinding grizzly bear jaws Hot on your heels Do you often stop and whisper It's Saturday's shore The whole world's a savior, Who could ever ever ever ever, ever, ever Ask for more? Do you remember? Will you stop? Will you stop, the pain? There will never be another one Like you There will never be Another one who can Do the things you do, Oh Will you give another chance? Will you try, a little try? Please stop and you'll remember We were together Anyway All right How you must think and wonder How I must feel Out on the meadows While you're on the field I'm alone for you And I cry "He's sweatin', look at him... optical promise... you'll be dead and in hell before I'm born... sure thing...bridesmaid... the only solution... Isn't it amazing?"
Composición: Jim Morrison / John Densmore / Ray Manzarek / Robby KriegerColaboración y revisión: Luis BraschiLuis Braschi

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