You Don't Know Me


Tono: G
(intro) Em C G D E|-------------------------------- B|---12-12- 10--12-12---10-------- G|-------------------------------- D|-------------------------------- A|-------------------------------- E|-------------------------------- E|10------10------14-12-10-12--8---- B|---------------------------------- G|---------------------------------- D|---------------------------------- A|---------------------------------- E|---------------------------------- E|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------| (2x) D|-------------| A|-------------| E|-------------| E|-----15-15-15--14--12------15- B|------------------------------ G|------------------------------ D|------------------------------ A|------------------------------ E|------------------------------ E|15-15-14-12---15-15-15-14-12------- B|----------------------------------- G|----------------------------------- D|----------------------------------- A|----------------------------------- E|----------------------------------- 15--14-10-----| --------------| --------------| (2x) --------------| --------------| --------------| ( Em C G D ) Well, I had one by my side, but she only tried to get near me. And never ever knowing about my inside.. But one that I hold is worth so much more to me if it's both body and mind. You think I'm alone when everyone's around, You think I'm home but I'm really out. You think I'm out but I'm really at home and it seems that you don't know me no more. E|------------------------------- B|-----------5-5-(7)8---10-8-10b- G|-----5/7----------------------- D|------------------------------- A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------| B|10b-8-------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------| Girl you don't know me no more, this love is real to me. To make you happy and secure that's what's important
to me. And any tie you're not around, i want you here with me, Cuz girl, you really appeal to me... But I see a serious lack of communication, Ask you for a meal, say you want to bring me chicken - Like you don't know that I'm a vegetarian. Is this a love or an infatuation cuz You think I'm alone but everyone's around You think I'm home when I'm really out You think I'm out but I'm really at home and it seems that you don't know me no more. All that I've learned is all I'm taking now with me, Never will I wait for too long again. You can take all old roses with you cuz I've got new gardens I must grow. E|-------------------------------- B|-------------------------------- G|-------------------------------- D|-------------------------------- A|--7-5-------7-5-----7-5----7-7-- E|-------7---------7--------7----- E|---------------------------------- B|---------------------------------- G|---------------------------------- D|---------------------------------- A|--------7-5------7-5-------------- E|-----------7-7------7-7----------- Think I'm alone everyone is around And girl you can't hold me no more, cuz I got places to go and anywhere that I go I got people I know. I wanna see you everyday knocking at my door, but first, I really wanna let you know that... This is a troubled world that we live on, And the almighty creator put me on a mission, So you can walk with me on this path trough creation, And we can help each other reveal our visions. You think I'm alone but everyone's around You think I'm home when I'm really out You think I'm out but I'm really at home and it seems that you don't know me no more. Think I'm alone, everyone is around
Composición: Colaboración y revisión: Marcos ZanelattoBruno Rockenbach

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