Thank You


So help me to see Give me a chance to come around All this closure we need Will this evade us all somehow On my own Forgive me now we know Where to go from here You are the beginning and the end To all of this Just wait
Feel it coming now (Find a reason To live) Fall back What No condition Come on The time has now- (Believe in me) So thanks for coming around And pushing my head back to the ground Thank you for slowing me down I need to fall back and start it all over Been holding on so long Denying what I've done I destroyed myself but I wish you well Completely overthrown On my own Release me now we know All the answers here we are The beginning and the end to all of this
Composición: Butch Walker / Clint Edward Lowery / Dave Bassett / Dee Snider / DJ Lethal / Fred Durst / J. Stanley Johnston / J.T. Smith / John M Connolly / John Otto / Johnny Cash / La Jon Jermaine Witherspoon / Morgan J Rose / Randy Rose / Rick Rubin / Sam Rivers / Vincent E Hornsby / Vinnie Hornsby / Wes BorlandColaboración y revisión: Angelus Burkert

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