Brave New World

Salem Hill

We've come so far so fast, a light 
for all the world to see
A monumental dream, the right for us
 to all be free
In irony we're all in irons;
The prisoners of this very right
Protect the wrong and serve the few,
The many cast out of the light

Look all around for the brave new 
There's not a sound from the brave 
new world
Nothing is found in the brave new world Here where the light is shut out A history so rich, the path of progress led us here A universal call, a beckoning to all that hear In melting pots were melting down Progressive paths are left behind In search of ideology invented ln polluted minds A nation in decline, an easy prey for foreign lands There is no future here, we're bound to fall in evil hands It's time to take up root and leave this place we call our own Colonial again, to brave new worlds we'll all call home Look all around it's the brave new world Trumpets will sound in the brave new world Freedom abounds in the brave new world Here where eternal light shines
Composición: Carl GrovesColaboración y revisión: BRUNO ARAUJO

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