Between The Two

Salem Hill

The queenie and the actress
say they want you back
they're dying as you're leaving
but all worlds have their Jacks
who will sacrifice his hand
so they break the bank
they're ready and they're waiting
to make you walk the plank

In the other world
is another you
A familiar place
with a different view You're not quite the same you're not totally new slipping back and forth in between the two The flip world and the known one have their tricks and traps they're loaded and ready but you know that perhaps you can sabotage their dreams and their quest to rule you're ready but frightened you know what to do The magical and the technical have their place In time it's mystic and it's knowledge but most of it sublime to be recognized by men and you have the skill the power and the reason but do you have the will?
Composición: Carl GrovesColaboración y revisión: BRUNO ARAUJO

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