Rita Ora

Tono: F
Intro: F Bb9 Gm Bb9 F There were a lot of tears I had to cry through Bb9 A lot of battles left me battered and bruised Gm And I was shattered, had my heart ripped in two Bb9 I was broken, I was broken F There were a lot of times I stumbled and crashed Bb9 When I was on the edge, down to my last chance Gm So many times when I was so convinced that Bb9 Gm I was over, I was over Bb9 Gm But I had to fall, yeah Bb9 To rise above it all Refrão: F I'm grateful for the storm Bb9 Made me appreciate the sun Gm I'm grateful for the wrong ones
Bb9 Made me appreciate the right ones F I'm grateful for the pain Bb9 For everything that made me break Gm I'm thankful for all my scars Bb9 Cause they only made my heart F Bb9 Grateful, grateful, grateful, Gm Bb9 grateful, grateful, grateful F I was sinking, I was drowning in doubt Bb9 The weight all of the pain was weighing me down Gm Pulled it together and I pulled myself out Bb9 Learned a lesson, learned lesson, F That there's a lot you gotta go through, hell yes Bb9 But that's what got me strong, I got no regrets Gm And I've got only love, got no bitterness Bb9 Count my blessings, count my Gm blessings, yeah Bb9 Gm I'm proud of every tear, yeah Bb9 Cause they got me here (Repete o Refrão) Dm Am There is nothing I would chance Dm Am That even one mistake I made Bb9 C9 I got lost, found myself, found my way (Repete o Refrão) F You know that I'm grateful You know that I care Bb9 No time for the wrong ones I'll always be there Gm Bb9 Grateful, grateful, grateful F Bb9 I'm grateful Gm Grateful, grateful Bb9 F Oh, I am grateful, yeah
Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Daniela

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