Out There

Patty Smyth

Lizzy got married on Christmas Day
On the Coney Island Coast, I remember the way
She stood in the cold
With the sun in her hair
Me and my brother were standing by
I remember my mother started to cry
Liz just looked at the sea
A million miles away
I said, now Lizzy can you tell me what you see
And tell me why
You keep a looking
Out there
Why you keep searching
Out there
When everything youll ever want or need
Is right here, with me

Yeah and I took a ride with whoever would ask
I looked for the future, was done with the past and the present
Hey that was just something to get through
And the nights went by
And the years went too
My life was a mirror
The reflection was you
And at the end of the day
My voice was so far away
Ooh but maybe you could tell me who I am
And tell me why
I keep a looking
Out there
Why I keep searching
Out there
For something you cant taste or touch or see
No no no
Cause its right here, in me

And I know its all an illusion
You see what you wanna see
And I know, I know, aint nothing gonna rescue me now

I can take all this confusion
I just wanna be here now

And everything youll want or need
I know
Its right here
I keep a looking
Out there
I keep reaching
Out there
For something you cant taste, touch, or see
No no no
Cause its right

I said
Na na na
Na na na
Na na na
Out there
Its always right here

Composición: Ed Roynesdal / Patty SmythColaboración y revisión: Marcello Martins

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