Chloe Dancer

Mother Love Bone

Tono: C
From: * (Kevin Bourrillion) Subject: * [MotherLoveBone] (Piano. Transcribed for guitar) (Tune down 1/2 step) Asus4 Bm7+11(?) Dsus2 Eb+-------------0----------|----------0--------0----| Bb+-------3--------3-----3-|-------3--------------3-| Gb+----2-----2--------2----|----2-----------2-------| Db+------------------------|-------------0----------| Ab+-0----------------------|-2----------------------| Eb+------------------------|------------------------| G6 |-------------0----------|------- |-------3--------3-----3-|------- |----0-----0--------0----|----0-- |------------------------|------- |------------------------|------- |-3----------------------|-3----- ||------0----------| ||3--------3-----3-| ||---0--------0----| ||-----------------| ||-----------------| ||-----------------|
All notes are eighth notes. All four measures repeat throughout the entire song, until the end, when the last two measures repeat once. If anyone knows the real name of that B chord, I'd love to know. :) Incidentally, for all you perfectionists out there, every once in a while the third and fourth notes of measure two are switched. Lyrics: Chloe don't know better Chloe's just like me only beautiful a couple of years difference but those lessons never learned and you know Chloe danced the tables in the french quarter she's always been given so I can't always make her laugh but I'm proud to say and I won't forget time spent laying by her side time spent laying by her side dreams like this must die and a dream like this must die dreams like this must die [ to Crown of Thorns ] Let me know if you have any corrections, or if you just plain old want to thank me! -- Kevin Bourrillion, Semi-Official Caretaker and Consultant on Bodily Fluids. * * (309) 677-1193 ---------------------------------- -|---------------------------------- -|------- Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.
Composición: Andrew WoodColaboración y revisión:

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