Take Me Somewhere Nice


Tono: G

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Album: Rock Action
Transcribed by: Rob Veater
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Hope you enjoy this Please e-mail me if you have any improvements Tuning = Drop D- DADGBE --------------------------------- --------------------------------- -----------------------------2--- -----4---4-------4---4/7-4-----4- ---0---0---0---0---0-----4-4---4- -0-----------0-----------4------- -|---------------------------------------------| -|---------------------------------------------| -|2-------2---2--------------------------------| -|--4-4-----4---4------------------------------| -|--4-4-4---4---4------------------------------| -|----4----------------------------------------| it repeats this for a few bars and then goes... ---------------------------------- -----2---2--------2---2----------- ------------------------------2--- ---4---4---4----4---4---4-4-4---4- -2------------2-----------5------- --------------------------5------- -|---------------------------------- -|---------------------------------- -|2--------------------------------- -|--4------------------------------- -|---------------------------------- -|---------------------------------- it then finishes on an open strum of the 4th 5th and 6th strings. This melody repeats throughout the song I can't quite make out all the lyrics so I haven't bothered writing them down
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