I Got A Girl

Lou Bega

Tono: F
Gm F (Bb Gm F) 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Lou Bega on a trip would all come in with a little bit of this and a little bit of that you can get what you see you can see what you get and I bet that you all a little bit excited if you want an autograph: "Honey I can write it!" I got girls worldwide on the planet some called Whitney and some called Janet Chorus:
(Bb Gm) I gotta girl in Paris I gotta girl in Rome I even gotta girl in the Vatican Dome I gotta girl right here I gotta girl Bb right there F Bb and I gotta girlfriend everywhere (Bb Gm) I gotta girl on the moon I gotta girl on Mars I even gotta girl that likes to dance on the stars I gotta girl right here and one Bb right there F Bb and I gotta girlfriend everywhere From Miami Beach to Beluga Bay from the Milky Way to East L.A. from St. Tropez to my home cafe that's my way and I do it like day by day in Afica - America - Europe and Australia Asia - Canada - I take 'em all and marry her India - Arabia - to the girls of Germany all around the planet you can be my fantasy Chorus...
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