Lianne La Havas

Tono: G
Ebm7 I'll wait a little longer Ebm7 Fm7 We're weak and getting stronger Bb7 I know it's taking the time to heal Ebm7 We'll be unstoppable Ebm7 Don't know what I did it for Fm7 I needed to know that it was always Bb7 real Ebm7 My head's held high when we walk down the line, honey Fm7 Arm-in-arm through the clear night Bb7 sky
Ebm7 Let's be at peace, we'll fly Ebm7 Our hearts collide Fm7 Bb7 Can't escape the magnetic side Ebm7 I was like a satellite spinning away Ebm7 Almost lost forever and leaving no trace Fm7 Floating through the darkest reaches of space Bb7 To another galaxy Ebm7 Our polarity shifted around Ebm7 There is nothing else left holding us down Fm7 But it's just gravitational Bb7 Ebm7 We are unstoppable Fm7 I just can't escape the pull Bb7 We are unstoppable Ebm7 It's just gravitational Fm7 Bb7 We are unstoppable
Composición: Colaboración y revisión: Julio Cesar

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