Another day of no more you
I'm giving everyone attitude
I'm losing air
I'm slowly dying
Kill me if I can't be around you
I don't wanna be too dramatic
Breaking up is problematic
I don't even know what to do

But all I know is that I'm missing you
I don't care about nothing else but you
I'm like 2 steps (2 steps from losing it)
One more step I disconnect
Feel like I might as well be dead
No I really don't think
I'll make it without you
Not about to baby

I try to deal but it don't make sense
I can't believe this is happening
I'm losing tears living this life
If u were here
I'm sure they would drown you (no)
I don't wanna make it sound so tragic (no)
I believe we still got magic
I just need to know you do too


2 steps
2 steps I'm losing it
No I really don't think
I'll make it without you
Not about to baby

You better not give up
You know that you can't
I love you too much for this to end
You gotta come true boy
I'm counting on you boy
You know what to do boy
You should call a girl up and save her life
Tell her you're not gon let her die
No way that's gonna happen tonight


Composición: Kenny EdmondsColaboración y revisión: Malu MachadoTayan Reis

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