Tono: D
D Like an angel out of the sky you A came Em Clearing up all the clouds G Of sadness and the rain D So pure you and healing was the A love you bring Em I knew inside A It felt so right... Bridge Bm G A Em For me, I´ve struggled, all my life Bm G Em To find that thing that makes it A right Bm G A Em With you it seems I may have found G Some other kind of love
Chorus Bm G A Em I will, love you all my life Bm G A Always be by your side Bm G A Em And I will give you all I have G Em Cause you gave me peace and joy G A Em Again, again, again... D I was scared to let go and trust A your love Em After what I´d been through I have G had enough D Whispering through your eyes you A never said a word Em But something said A You´re heart´s safe Bridge Chorus D A friend is what you always have in A me Em I´m so grateful for the man you G turned out to be D And it doesn´t who you happen to A meet Em You´re forever be A A secret part of me Chorus
Composición: Corey Rooney / Jennifer Lopez / Reggie Hamlet / Troy OliverColaboración y revisión: Livia Scandiuzzi

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