Smokestack Lightnin

Howlin' Wolf

Tono: C
Smokestack lightnin’ howlin’ wolf (aka Chester Arthur Burnett) ============================================================================ An early song from howlin’ wolf styled after his heroes early delta blues style. The song consists of two guitar riffs; the song opens with the first riff played 4 times then second riff then the first again with a blues (harp) harmonica instrumental just after
two. And there are some root notes thrown in from time to time it sounds about right. X = mute notes ---------------------------------- -|----- First Riff: e |------------------------------ B |-X-5------8------------------- G |------------------------------ D |--------------------------7/9- A |------------------------------ E |------------------------------ |---------------------------------- |---------------------------------- |--7------------------------------- |----9-------7-----5--------------- |--------------------7-----5------- |----------------------------0----- Second Riff: e |------------------------------ B |---X-5-------3---------------- G |------------------------------ D |--------------------------7/9- A |------------------------------ E |------------------------------ |---------------------------------- |---------------------------------- |--7------------------------------- |----9-------7-----5--------------- |--------------------7-----5------- |----------------------------0-X-X- enjoy!
Composición: Chester BurnettColaboración y revisión:

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