Gone Daddy Gone

Gnarls Barkley

Instrumento: Baixo
Album: St. Elsewhere Tabbed by: Pat Dixon Pretty easy stuff: (Bass does not come in until the 3rd measure) verse G|--------------| D|--------------| A|5--53--32--111|x5 E|--------------| (Right before the chorus, the bassist hits the 1st fret on the A string TWICE like so...)
G|--| D|--| A|11| G|--| chorus G|-----------------| D|----------5-5-888| A|5-55-8-88--------|x4 E|-----------------| repeat verse (x5) repeat chorus (x4) repeat verse (x8)...bass plays alone w/ drums for 4 measures repeat chorus (x4) repeat verse (x4) repeat chorus(x12) And that's pretty much it. A quick note for all of those who want to get it perfect...sometimes the verse is played this: G|--------------| D|--------------| A|55-533-322-111| E|--------------| Well, I hope this was accurate enough. Enjoy.
Composición: Gordon Gano / Mário De Vasconcelos SáColaboración y revisión: