F#m com forma de Am
C#m com forma de Em
D/A com forma de F/C
E com forma de G
Tono: F#m(forma del acorde en el tono de Am)
[Intro] Am Em F/C [Primeira Parte] Am Bury all your secrets Em F/C In my skin Am Em F/C Come away with innocence And leave me with my sins Am The air around me still Em F/C Feels like a cage Am Em And love is just a camouflage F/C For what resembles rage again ( Am Em F/C ) [Refrão] So if you love G Me, let me go And run away Am Before I know My heart is just G Too dark to care I can't destroy Am What isn't there G Deliver me into my fate Am If I'm alone I cannot hate G I don't deserve to have you F/C Ooh, my smile was Taken long ago If I can change I
Am Em Hope I never know ( F/C Am Em F/C ) [Segunda Parte] Am I still press your Em F/C Letters to my lips Am And cherish them in parts of Em F/C Me that savor every kiss Am I couldn't face a life Em F/C Without your light Am Em But all of that was ripped apart F/C When you refused to fight [Refrão] So save your breath G I will not hear I think I made Am It very clear You couldn't hate G Enough to love Is that supposed Am To be enough? I only wish you G Weren't my friend Then I could hurt Am You in the end I never claimed G To be a Saint F/C Ooh, my own was Banished long ago It took the Death of Am Em F/C Hope to let you go ( Am Em F/C ) [Final] So break yourself G Against my stones And spit your pity Am In my soul G You never needed any help You sold me out Am To save yourself And I won't listen G To your shame You ran away - you're Am All the same G Angels lie to keep control F/C Ooh, my love was Punished long ago If you still care Am Em F/C Don't ever let me know If you still care Am Em F/C Don't ever let me know [Final] Am Em F/C Am
Composición: Corey Taylor / Shawn CrahanColaboración y revisión: Gabriel SilvaThiago PaivaLuís SilvaYuri Ramos

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