On The Road Again

Canned Heat

Tono: G
Cool little song! The End Riff is 
always played when Guitar1
plays MainB. Im not sure how the 
rest of this song goes, I
only have the first 60 seconds to 
listen to. This is pretty much the 
whole songs riffs.
# Intro #Guitar1


# Riff #Guitar2 v=vibrato m=palm mute E----mmmm--mm------------------- B------------------------------- G------------------------------- D----9999--99-7v-5v----9-12--12- A------------------------------- E------------------------------- E|----------|\ B|----------| \ G|----------| \ D|14-15/9v--| \ A|----------| \ E|----------| \ # Intro/Verse #Guitar1 !Palm Muted! !Same Scale! E----------!MainA!-----|----- B----------------------|----- G----------------------|----- D----------------------|----- A----99999999999999999-|-9-9- E----77777777777777777-|-7-7- : E|!Mai B|---- G|---- D|---- A|-12- E|-10- E|nB!------| / B|---------| / G|---------| / D|---------| / A|14--14-9-| / E|12--12-7-|/ # End Riff #Guitar2 E---------------------| B---------------------| G---------------------| D--9-12--12-14-15/9v--| !Play A---------------------| MainB E---------------------| : E| B| G| D|when Guitar2 plays A|! E| Guitar1 Plays Intro/Verse Guitar2 Plays End Riff Nice song, email me questions/comments or whatever at... *. ~HalfDigested~
Composición: Alan Wilson / Floyd JonesColaboración y revisión: