Black Belt

Busy Signal

Hothead! Fucking fool dem fi know dis is not a
Karate ting, hothead. Yuh see it roll out yuh
Know. Hothead, hothead, hothead!
Tell dem! Try nuh fool yuhself cause dis a nuh
Karate, if you mess around with hothead dem nuh
Hitch fi clot it, mi will end it and it nuh
Matter who did start it mi clot it dem guh

Listen to some pavarotti. Done dem fast like
Some likkle pickney with some smartie.
Shouldn't mess with flanker mon cause you know
Dem crafty. Pussy violate the plot and never
Know we head so hoot and(hothead)peel off a new
Black forty(a yo wha happen to you laughy
Hehe) den mi let the pussy face hang off like a
Duct deh pon a bus. Dem never know and dem nuh

See how common mon a buss mama rush fi go
Hospital but mi kill you first di gun mi buss
It crush dem out like a fuckin lip-pa-pa-pa-
Pa-patty must so mi rise up the sh-sh-shotty
First. Cause di simtin weh mi fire sing sweet
Like taurus mi know mi taurus nah rust and nuh
Boi can war us. This nuh water gun a nuh nuttin
From toys 'r' us (hothead! Believe me nuh you

Know hear wah gwan) mi step up in di place mi
Know dem hate mi like a poison. And worse dem
Know mi signal lap it up more than
Verizion.some likkle fool a road dem chattin
And dem criticizing tell dem don't step to mi
Cause dem simtin here nuh have no licence
Hothead! Even if mi have to lose mi sleep mi
Glued to street mi ah hustle fi mi food fi eat

Mi wah mi pickney go a school 6 days a week nuh
Taste nuh wheat, mama ball days a week. Some
Mon a lock machine mi a lock stage show, touch
Di road a morning time before the rooster the hook or di crook mi haffi mek mi
Dough a suh mi flow hustle through the sunshine
Or the snow. Sometime the pace fast some time
It slow tings wah wi face out a road only God
Mi know. Still a ground God mi seh, alliance ah

Mi law. Mi only party once a while cause mi nuh
Regular, if your number block don't call mi
Cellular, still a wok di gyal dem and a some
Songs sicker, (realer). I'm still the same busy
You know from the ghetto, never never link with
Wanetto, still love fi see di gyal dem inna di
Skirt and stilleto, still strap di glock and
Barretto. Mi represent for all hothead inna

Every ghetto never never link with wanetto,
Still love fi see di girls dem inna skirt and
Stilleto. (hothead! Wah dem a seh topics and
Logics?) christmas come inna di ghetto nuh see
Santa. Mi know nuff youths that never drink a
Fanta. Well want a drop and dem nah get nuh
Sponsor, call pon di government! Dem nuh
Answer. How dem blame di youths for all di guns
Weh come in? Kill dem off and set up di crime
Scene. Ghetto youths nuh have no shares outta
Wharf nor di factory wah manufacture k's and 16.

Weeping and morning too much ghetto youth life
Lost. Bare question ah ask(no answer from di
Boss)hehe yuh nah see mon wise up! Jamaicans mi
Seh uno fi stop pussyclot vote yuh nuh see. You
Nuh see seh di fucking boy dem tek mon fi
Eediot outta dis, fucking bighead budburn, yuh
See it yuh hear that, straight from a hothead
To di ghetto youth represent yuh see it.a this

A uno law a artist uno fi vote fi a artist uno
A see every day don't? A artist you uno beg a
Ting and get it don't? Which one you ever see
Uno governmet wah uno vote for and beg him
Nutting and get it watch wah uno a do
Nuh. Hothead, yuh see it a bare promise dem boy
Deh come promise people bout yeh don't? After
Wi pay wi tax bout yeh don't? Wi nuh see nuttin
Nuh back round here don't? Yuh see it, ghetto
Yute fi know di ting set up wi can't tek out di

Wharf situation set up. Everybody a ball dung
To di people dem who a try win a stall. System
A fight out di youths dem. Frustration cause a
Lot of stress, stress lead to crime, poverty
Breeds crime. Dancehall dem a fight look a way
Out ah look sometin fi blame what a fucking
Shame. Tell dem ey hear mi now. Ghetto youth
Stress out yuh see it don't mek di dogs dem let
Out. Alliacne represting, busy signal

Representing, mavado representing, bounty
"Ground God" killa representing, bling dawg
Represeting, marshall representing, yuh see it
Doodas represting, jazzworld representing,
K-queens representing, nimron represeting,
Jaguar represting yuh see it yuh see it advance
Represeting.hothead hothead hothead! Common, mi
Seh portmore, mi seh st.annes mi seh flanker,
Mo bay here mi nuh sailant, canterburry dem fi

Know abouk. Hothead! Hear mi nuh don't? Dem fi
Nuh a suh di tings set out mi wah money inna
Clumps and coin. Eh brinks boy uno watch out
Too yuh know mi wah know about di inside link
Mi seh mi wah money. Yuh see it mi wah more job
Fi dem youths yah di future and hear mi nuh mi
Hothead friend dem mi nuh say uno fi go kill

Nobody neither! Make sure uno tek it to di
Media you see it, a suh di tings set out. Tell
Dem do not blame reggae don't blame dancehall fi
Dem downfaill dem create di monsters and can't
Control dem. Blame di gun show dem yuh see it,
Blame di movies who have di bag of guns inna it
One show wah have fi do wid di ting dem. Blame

Di gun factory dem wi nuh mek none of that.
After artist nuh mek gun, a wah dis? Hothead,
Hothead, hothead, hothead hothead! Believe mi
Nuh, get di message wi want peace and harmony
Ghetto youths wah money, hothead.

Composición: Colaboración y revisión: Daniela Moreira

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