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Tono: C
G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 G Camj7 Em Em7 Verso: G Cmaj7 We sent out the SOS call G Cmaj7 It was a quater past four G In the morning Cmaj7 Em When the storm broke our second Em7 anchor line. G Cmaj7 Four months at sea. G Cmaj7 Four months of calm seas G Cmaj7 Only to be pounded in the shallows Em Em7 Off of the tip of Montauk Point. G Cmaj7 They call them rogues. G Cmaj7 They travel fast and alone, G Cmaj7 One hundred foot faces Em Em7 Of God's good ocean gone wrong G Cmaj7 What they call love is a risk, G Cmaj7 Cause you will always get hit G Out of nowhere Cmaj7 Em Em7 By some wave and end up on your own. Refrão: C G The hole in the hull defied the crews attempts Em Em7 To bail us out.
C G And flooded the engines and radio Em Em7 And half buried bow. Verso 2: G Cmaj7 Your tongue is a rudder. G Cmaj7 It steers the whole ship. G Cmaj7 Sends your words past your lips Em Or keeps them safe behind your Em7 teeth. G Cmaj7 But the wrong words will strand you. G Cmaj7 Come off course while you sleep. G Cmaj7 Sweep your boat out to sea Em Em7 Or dashed it to bits on the reef. G Cmaj7 The vessel groans G Cmaj7 The ocean pressures its frame. G Cmaj7 Off the port I see the lighthouse Em Em7 Through the sleet and the rain. G Cmaj7 And I wish for one more day G Cmaj7 To give my love and repay debts. G Cmaj7 But the morning finds our bodies Em Em7 Washed up thirty miles west. Refrão: C G They say that the captain Em Stays fast with the ship Em7 Through still and storm. C G But this ain't the Dakota. Em And the water is cold. Em7 We won't have to fight for long. Final: G This is the end. This story's old But it goes on and on Cmaj7 Until we disappear. Calm me and let me taste The salt that you breathed G While you were underneath. I am the one who haunts your dreams Cmaj7 Of mountains sunk below the sea. I spoke the words but never Gave a thought to what they all Em could mean. I know that this is what you want. Em7 A funeral keeps both of us apart. You know that you are not alone. G Need you like water in my lungs.
Composição: Jesse LaceyColaboração e revisão: Jeniffer Williams

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