Can't Get It Out

Brand New

G# con forma de A
G#m com forma de Am
Cm con forma de C#m
D# con forma de E
Tono: Eb(forma del acorde en el tono de E)
[Intro] Am C#m A C#m As we glide over whatever A C#m We know to be over forever Am C#m I really hope the shame is less E C#m For what we feel in times of stress A E But, I guess that's just depression C#m E No sense in fighting it now A E You had me caught in your headlights C#m E You were running me down A We speak in tongues and start to C#m teethe Am Lift your voice and scrape your C#m knees A C#m Kids in love will plant a seed
E C#m Resurrect and start to breathe A E I thought I was a creator C#m E I'm here just hanging around A E Got my messiah impression C#m E I think I got it nailed down A C#m I want to tell you we're alright E A Want to erase all your doubt A E I've got this thorn dug in deeply C#m E Sometimes I can't get it out A C#m Sometimes I can't get it out A C#m I'm strumming with a heavy wrist A C#m Were you one of the cured kids? A C#m My shins burn for the replica youth E C#m I hope that we can eject soon A E Because I don't want to surrender C#m E Or lose your face in the crowd A E I finally found all my courage C#m E It was buried under the house A C#m Not just a manic depressive E A Toting around my own cloud E I've got a positive message C#m E Sometimes I can't get it out A C#m Sometimes I can't get it out
Composición: Brian Lane / Garrett Tierney / Vincent AccardiColaboración y revisión: Laura Queirozalittlepea

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